AIIA is now a strategic partner of AI Committee of Guangdong Provincial Federation of enterprises

March 28, 2024

With the vigorous development of the digital economy, artificial intelligence technology is becoming an important driving force leading industrial upgrading. In order to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the artificial intelligence industry and accelerate the innovation and application of related technologies, the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance actively participated in the 27th Guangdong Entrepreneur Activity Day and carried out a series of important cooperation and exchanges.

The event day was held in Guangzhou on March 28, attracting entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from all walks of life to gather together. At the meeting, Zhu Hongren, Secretary of the Party Committee, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Enterprise Confederation, said that Chinese enterprises are at the historical intersection of transformation, upgrading, and innovative development. “Guangdong entrepreneurs can accelerate the construction of new quality productivity and promote scientific and technological innovation capabilities. Continuously strengthen, build an industrial science and technology innovation center with global influence, and achieve high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance.”

Xiao Zhiping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd, said that in the future, it will strengthen the traction of innovative projects, increase R&D investment, optimize the innovation assessment mechanism, and enhance the "gold content" of high-quality development of enterprises; it will focus on the innovation of production factors In-depth transformation and upgrading of configuration and industry, enhance high-quality development.

Zhang Chao, director and senior vice president of Mingyang Smart Energy Group Limited, said: "We must put technological innovation as the top priority and promote high-end marine energy technology. ization, marine energy industry clustering, and marine energy application scenarios.”

Tang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hengjian Holdings, said at the meeting: "Entrepreneurs across the province must promote the development of new industries, new models, and new drivers according to local conditions, use new technologies to transform and upgrade traditional industries, and promote high-end, smart industries. ization and greening, and continuously develop and expand new productive forces."

During the signing process, Chen Junlong, vice chairman of the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance represented the alliance, the Guangdong Enterprise Federation and the Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association to jointly establish the Investment and Financing and Artificial Intelligence Industry Committee and conduct a cooperation signing ceremony. The Artificial Intelligence Professional Committee is headed by GF Securities. The first batch of participating signing units include GF Securities Co., Ltd., International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, Guangdong Tiantai Robot Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Intellifusion Technologies Co., Ltd., Low-Carbon Headquarters Park, Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Delton Technology (Guangzhou) Inc. The special committee will start inviting member units in the near future, actively connect academician resources, capital resources, and corporate resources, empower relevant artificial intelligence companies, and provide a broader international cooperation platform for the development of the artificial intelligence industry in Guangdong Province.

After the signing ceremony, Academician Chen Junlong, Vice Chairman of the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, gave a special report on artificial intelligence, deeply discussing the application prospects and challenges of artificial intelligence technology in corporate technological innovation. He pointed out: "Currently, how to combine artificial intelligence with the digital economy and improve the level of industrial development is an important issue we are facing." His report not only brought cutting-edge academic perspectives to the participants, but also provided information for the innovative development of enterprises, provided important ideas and inspirations.

The International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance will continue to actively promote the cooperation and development of the artificial intelligence industry, contribute to promoting the arrival of the digital economy era, and help enterprises achieve high-quality development and leaps in technological innovation.

The International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance was registered and established in Hong Kong in 2023. The International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA) is composed of 448 academicians/fellows, 1,016 scientists, 45 social organizations, 48 enterprises, 22 universities/scientific research institutions, and 66 investment and financing companies in the field of artificial intelligence and its applications around the world. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization voluntarily formed by institutions and 9 consulting agencies.

The mission of the Alliance is to promote the rapid development of the global artificial intelligence industry, accelerate the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology in all walks of life, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the economy and society, and contribute to the progress and development of human society.

The alliance aims to bring together global enterprises, scientists, universities, scientific research institutions, investment and financing institutions and related social organizations in the field of artificial intelligence, build a platform for in-depth cooperation between industry, academia and research, and promote the technology, research and development, production, integration and service levels of alliance members. , build a global artificial intelligence industry ecosystem, promote the implementation and transformation of excellent scientific research projects, promote the intelligent transformation of traditional industries, help outstanding scientific research teams start up and incubate, help enterprises innovate and upgrade, and become the core force and important promoter of the international artificial intelligence industry.