The AIIA Actively pays attention to the development of China's healthcare and technology industries

March 22-24, 2024

Recently, the Secretary-General of the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, Cai Zhongtao, led a delegation to various parts of China for a three-day investigation and exchange activity. The visit aims to gain in-depth understanding of the latest developments in China's healthcare industry and technological innovation fields, and to explore how artificial intelligence technology can provide more support for social health services and research innovation.

On March 22nd, Secretary-General Cai Zhongtao accompanied investors to visit the Application of Collaborative Innovation Center For Cell Preparation In Chengdu-Chongqing, and received a warm reception from Huo Guangtong, Deputy Director of the Center and his delegation. The visit and exchange were divided into three parts: center visit, laboratory visit and learning, and cooperation exchange. Center staff provided detailed introductions to the center's testing system, service system, cell culture system, national expert system, national cell and egg bank layout, as well as laboratories and relevant institutions for cooperation across the country. The center advocates for personalized treatment plans tailored to individuals. Through detailed analysis of customer medical and blood test reports, expert consultations, and precise matching of rehabilitation and treatment plans, the center ensures optimal results through continuous tracking and timely intervention throughout the treatment process.

On March 23rd, Secretary-General Cai Zhongtao and his delegation visited the Sichuan Comprehensive Health Industry Association and received a warm reception from the president, Academician Ding Xianping. They engaged in in-depth discussions on how stem cells can help more people, how to settle in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and how to build online and offline stem cell industry service platforms. Academician Ding entrusted the alliance to coordinate multiple resources and first negotiate with relevant units to help the stem cell service center launch in Guangdong.

On March 24th, Secretary-General Cai Zhongtao accompanied Academician Jiang Linhua from the European Academy of Sciences to SporcLand, communicate with the founder Dr. Wang Guodong and team members. They discussed projects such as empowering industry with artificial intelligence and cultivating artificial intelligence talents. Both sides exchanged detailed plans for the landing of the Cyprus University Artificial Intelligence Innovation Research Institute in Guangdong. Academician Jiang Linhua mentioned the application demands of artificial intelligence in mining and ore dressing in Bolivia. In addition to cooperation in mining, Academician Jiang's team can also help Chinese enterprises communicate and cooperate with Bolivia to explore the South American market.

This inspection and exchange activity has built an important bridge for the cooperation between the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance and member companies, and injected new vitality into the development of the AI medical industry.