Health160 Joins Forces with the AIIA to Kickstart the Era of AI-driven Healthcare

November 21, 2023

Yvonne Yu, Special Assistant to the CEO and Head of the Health Management Center at Health160, visited the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance and the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Society. Secretary-General Cai Zhongtao engaged in in-depth discussions with the Health160 team. The two parties explored the establishment of an Academician Innovation Center, aiming to attract global medical and artificial intelligence academicians to collaborate in addressing major human diseases. Through the alliance and the society's international high-end academician and university resources, they hope to assist Health160 in establishing the International (Shenzhen) Artificial Intelligence Medical Research Institute.

In addition, Ms. Yu mentioned that Health160 has already connected with nearly 7,000 hospitals nationwide, serving almost 200 million users. She expressed the company's interest in collaborating with the alliance and platform to integrate excellent domestic and international products. With an industrial fund and a user base of 200 million, Health160 also looks forward to collaborating with the alliance to incubate high-end medical projects, nutrition projects, and anti-aging projects. Health160 is currently cooperating with several regional governments in China to promote health cities.

Ms. Yu emphasized that the Health Management Center's high-end physical examinations and one-stop medical services can address the early prediction of diseases for entrepreneurs, scientists, and their families. This includes issues such as expert appointments for major diseases, effective health prevention, and timely allocation of optimal expert resources for consultations and treatment. She expressed the hope of establishing a health club for entrepreneurs and scientists in collaboration with the alliance.

Secretary-General Cai Zhongtao suggested the possibility of jointly establishing an Artificial Intelligence Health Industry Committee with Health160, inviting relevant peers to empower the health industry with artificial intelligence. The goal is to enable everyone to live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

About Health160:

Health160 (formerly known as Jiuyi 160) is an internet medical and health service platform dedicated to providing professional, high-quality, and convenient services. With a focus on connecting hospitals, doctors, and patients through technological means, Health160 offers a one-stop medical and health service platform covering the entire health scenario, from pre-diagnosis to post-treatment. The platform includes services such as physical examinations, appointment scheduling, medical consultations, health malls, and health management. Health160 aims to create a "user-centered" comprehensive life cycle medical and health service platform. Currently, it has integrated with over 7,000 large hospitals nationwide, covering more than 200 cities, serving over 3 million users daily, and providing nearly 500 million online medical and health services to patients nationwide. The platform has over 170 million registered users.