THE INTERNATIONAL ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE INDUSTRY ALLIANCE (AIIA)  was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2023. The alliance is a non-profit organization voluntarily formed by academicians/scientists, government departments, associations/social organizations, enterprises, international universities, research institutions, investment and financing institutions, and related consulting institutions , who all actively engaged in the field of artificial intelligence, such as AI technology research and development, application, education and training, consulting, investment and financing, and so on.

The mission of the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance is to promote the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry in the world, promote the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology in various industries, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the economy and society, and contribute to the progress and development of human society. Building a platform for deep cooperation between industry, academia, and research, and becoming the core force and important driving force of the artificial intelligence industry worldwide.

The International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance aims to enhance cross-disciplinary communication and cooperation in artificial intelligence, and to stablish and maintain an artificial intelligence industry ecosystem all over the world through industrial information exchange, technical exchange, achievement display, application promotion, education and training, investment and financing docking, talent docking, exhibition display, international cooperation, industry consulting, and other activities.

The goals of AIIA

To establish and maintain a global ecosystem for the artificial intelligence industry.

To promote deep collaboration between industry, academia, and research, fostering innovation and cross-disciplinary applications of AI technology.

To promote the implementation and applicationof artificial intelligence in various industries, contributing to economic developmentand social progress.

To attract and gather renowned enterprises,universities, government institutions, and scientists from around the world inthe field of artificial intelligence, fostering the rapid development of the AI industry.

To provide members with high-quality services such as investment and financing, consulting, training, innovation,and market expansion, promoting the rapid development of the artificialintelligence industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

To become one of the significant organizations in the global artificial intelligence field, providing intellectual support and resource assurance for the development of the AI industry.