Damo Academy was established in October 2017, dedicated to exploring the unknowns of technology, driven by a human-centric vision, and conducting fundamental scientific and innovative technological research for the future. It aims to bridge the gap between basic research and industrial applications, exploring the transformation path from technological research to productization and marketization.
Damo Academy has achieved a series of technological breakthroughs and achieved large-scale applications in the field of digital technology. It has built comprehensive AI foundational capabilities, launched industry-leading T-Brain series large models, and incubated companies like Pingtou Ge Semiconductor. In the future, Damo Academy will continue to focus on medium to long-term scientific and technological research, with a particular emphasis on cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and integrated circuits.
Alibaba Innovation Research Program
· Research on Next-Generation Virtualization Technologies
· Novel Technologies in Network Research
· Developing High-performance Optimization Solver and Mathematics Modeling Tools
· Research on Key Technologies for Large-scale Pretraining Models
· Next Generation Intelligent Date Processing Platforms
· Research on Frontier Technologies in Data Center and Server
· Data Security and Privacy Protection
· Low Carbon & Efficient Serverless Infrastructure
· AI for Science
· Research and Development of Key Technologies, Applications and Systems for Carbon Neutrality
· Research on Supply and Demand Matching Optimization for Large-scale E-commerce Platforms