The foundational research areas of Tencent AI Lab encompass computer vision, speech technology, natural language processing, and machine learning. The exploration of applications integrates Tencent's contextual and business strengths, with a focus on four main categories: gaming, digital personas, content, and social AI.
These technologies have been incorporated into hundreds of Tencent products, including WeChat, QQ, Tencent News, and QQ Music. Additionally, Tencent AI Lab is also exploring innovative collaborations between AI and industries such as life sciences, healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Research Areas

· Computer Vision
Research directions: Large-scale image classification/semantic segmentation/description generation, human portrait analysis/ detection/ tracking/ recognition/ 3D modeling/ generation, video content analysis/classification/thumbnails/description generation/search/recommendation.
· Speech Technology
Research directions: Audio coding/decoding, microphone array far-field signal processing, speech separation and enhancement, speaker recognition, speech recognition, speech/singing synthesis, voice conversion.
· Natural Language Processing
Empowers computer systems with the ability to interact with the external world in the form of natural language text, tracking and researching cutting-edge natural language understanding and generation technologies, incubating next-generation natural language processing technologies and commercial application scenarios. Research directions: Text understanding, text generation, intelligent dialogue, machine translation.
· Machine Learning
Automatically analyzes and learns patterns from data, and uses these patterns to make predictions on unknown data. Research directions: Machine learning theory, meta-learning, federated learning, graph deep learning, generative learning, sequence learning, automated machine learning, reinforcement learning, etc.

Application Fields

AI + Social
Enhancing Human Interaction Experience and Exploring New Modes of Human-Machine Interaction
AI + Gaming
Ideal Research Scenarios for AI Advancement and Exploring the Margins of Game-AI Integration
AI + Content
Meeting User Needs, Understanding the World, Content Generation, Guiding Users
AI + Digital Persona
Creating Multi-Modal Digital Personas, Exploring Digital Content Generation