Berkeley AI Research Lab brings together Berkeley researchers in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, NLP, planning, control and robotics.
The lab, which includes more than 50 faculty members and more than 300 graduate and postdoctoral researchers, is committed to fundamentally advancing research in these areas, as well as some top topics, including multimodal deep learning, human-compatible AI, and integrating AI Research linked to other scientific disciplines and the humanities. Berkeley repeatedly reminds students on the official website of the laboratory to choose a research direction and related professors when applying.

Active Visual Planning: Handling Uncertainty in Perception, Prediction, and Planning Pipelines

Amazon-Berkeley Objects: A

Large-Scale Dataset for 3D Object Understanding

Adding Safety and Robustness to

Learning for Robots by Learning on Robots

Ashera: Neural Optimization

Modulo Theories

Automated Collision Prediction

in Autonomous Systems with Monocular Camera

Self-supervised Open-World Segmentation

Weakly Supervised Multimodal

Feature Representation Learning from Video

Realistic Large-Scale Benchmark

for Adversarial Patch