THE INTERNATIONAL ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE INDUSTRY ALLIANCE(AIIA) is a worldwide industry partnership bringing together Academicians, Enterprises, Investors, Associations and Social Organizations, Consulting Agencies to accelerate the adoption of AI technonogy in industry.

AIIA is governed by a General Assembly and an Executive Board.

The AIIA Board is elected every two years by the AIIA General Assembly. Board members serve a two year term and are eligible for re-election twice

General Assembly

The General Assembly gathers all members and meets at least once a year. Among other things, the General Assembly elects the members of the Executive Board, approves the proposals for the broad policy positions and priorities put forward by the Executive Board, and ratifies the annual budget and financial accounts.

Executive Board Members

The Executive Board includes 7 representatives from our academic members. The main role of the Executive Board is to define AIIA’s mission and objectives by acting as a consulting party, to set future priorities and to decide on plans and final policy positions. The Executive Board validates policy positions that are put forward for the approval of the General Assembly. 

Schahram Dustdar
C.L. Philip Chen
Vice-President of AIIA
Klaus Mainzer
Lihua Xie
Yixin Zhong
Bidyut B. Chaudhuri
Abderrahmane Kheddar
Jack Cai
General Secretary of AIIA